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Small Bearing Transfers Recommended Ten Billion Bearing Industry Park

editor:admin │ datetime:1970-01-01

Most of the industrial products can not be separated from the bearings, small watches, large industrial products such as automobiles need bearings, bearings are also known as industrial food. Zibo Zhoucun Xingxing Group took over the bankruptcy of the former state-owned bearing factory, transformed the company's development philosophy, and integrated the bankruptcy enterprise into an enterprise with an annual output value of more than 30 million yuan. And established a 10 billion bearing industry park.

Village-owned enterprises increase the annual output value of state-owned enterprises by 6 times

Zibo Bearing Factory is an old state-owned enterprise. In 1998, due to poor bank debt, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. At that time, as a village-run enterprise, the Star Group saw the excellent development prospects of the bearing industry. Under the leadership of the Zibo Machinery Bureau at that time, the Xingxing Group merged with Zibo Bearing Factory. This merger means that the bank debt of Zibo Bearing Factory and the settlement of 1,400 employees have all been taken over by the Star Group.

After taking over, the Xingxing Group injected capital for the placement of old workers in Zibo Bearing Factory to build a bearing production line. When it was just put into production, the company's development was fairly stable, and the annual output value could reach more than 5 million yuan. However, rapid industrial development made this production line slowly lag behind, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Li Jinliang, chairman of the Star Group, said: "In 2015, the Group spent three months conducting a comprehensive inspection of the bearing industry in order to reactivate the company. It once again merged Zibo Jieli Bearing Co., Ltd. and integrated Zibo Star Paper Machinery. Co., Ltd. established Zibo Star Bearing Co., Ltd."

The brand new star bearing Co., Ltd., the main technology and employees are from the original Zibo Bearing Factory, Star Group provides an excellent management team, relying on such a combination, Zibo Star Bearing Co., Ltd. began to develop in the national bearing market. Li Jinliang told reporters: “We first eliminated the old and old bearing production lines, and we have successively purchased three current world’s advanced bearing production lines, of which two production lines are advanced bearing automation production lines. These three production lines are not only more efficient The quality of the product is higher, and it saves a lot of manpower. Currently the product produced not only meets the international advanced level, but also the product price is one-third of the foreign market. The market prospect is very considerable. At present, the annual production value of the three production lines can be More than 3,000 yuan.

Developing a Bigger and Stronger Bearing Industry

"Bearing production is very characteristic, such as the bearing steel ball can become a production line, the bearing support outer ring can also be a production line, if you can establish a bearing industrial park, can cover every link in bearing production. Bearings can be turned out for greater economic benefits." Li Jinliang said. In order to continue to make the bearing industry bigger and stronger, Stellar Group and Zhoucun District have completed their strategic deployments. After careful planning in Zhoucun District, the Star Group has used an old chemical company with an area of 130 mu which has been idle for more than 20 years. soil of. With the star bearing as the core, an investment of 1.27 billion yuan and a 200-acre high-precision bearing industrial park will be fully implemented in 2017. The first high-precision bearing industry chain industrial base project in China is also located within the industrial park.

The reporter learned that this idle land has produced more than 20 “scattered” companies due to historical reasons. Not only does it have low output value, it also has a great impact on the surrounding environment. After the approval of the High-precision Bearing Industrial Park project, the Zhoucun Economic Development Zone and the Star Group cooperated with each other and quickly took action. It took only one month to clean up all these “scattered” companies.